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End date 08 Apr 2024




1. SOLICITATION NO.: 72061524R10029
2. ISSUANCE DATE: March 22, 2024
3. CLOSING DATE AND TIME FOR RECEIPT OF OFFERS: April 08, 2024 (4:30 PM East Africa Time).
4. POINT OF CONTACT: USAID Kenya and East Africa Human Resources, e-mail at [email protected]
5. POSITION TITLE: Computer Management Specialist.
6. MARKET VALUE: Equivalent FSN-12 Step 1 (7,647,460.00 KSH per annum) to Step 13 (12,830,261.00 KSH per annum). In accordance with AIDAR Appendix J and the Local Compensation Plan of USAID/Kenya and East Africa. The salary range provided is inclusive of all allowances and annual bonus. All applicable taxes will be deducted from the stated gross market rate. Final compensation will be negotiated within the listed market value.
7. PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE: The services provided under this contract are expected to be of a continuing nature that will be executed by USAID through a series of sequential contracts, subject to the availability of funds, the continued need for services and successful performance. It is anticipated that the selection of the successful candidate will be completed within an estimated six-month period from the closing date of this solicitation.
8. PLACE OF PERFORMANCE: Nairobi, Kenya; with possible travel as stated in the Statement of Duties.
9. ELIGIBLE OFFERORS: Open to qualified Kenyan Citizens, including current locally hired employees of the US Mission in Kenya. Employees presently on probation are ineligible to apply.
10. SECURITY LEVEL REQUIRED: Security certification issued by the US Embassy RSO.

General Statement of Purpose of the Contract
The Computer Management Specialist, hereafter referred to Systems Manager (SM), is the USAID/Kenya and East Africa (KEA) & Somalia Mission’s senior leading specialist in information systems, responsible for supervising a team of eight in the Information Technology section, within the Executive Office of USAID/KEA. The SM is delegated responsibility to provide leadership, direction, guidance, and management oversight to the Information Technology (IT) team and has full management responsibility for providing a technological vision through Information Systems Administration, Technology and Information Services Support for the KEA and Somalia Missions, which together comprise approximately 466 approved positions. Reporting to the Supervisory Executive Officer, the SM is directly responsible and accountable for the management and administration of the IT, human, and financial resources, systems analysis, programming, installation, testing, evaluation, monitoring capacity and performance on all platforms, maintaining security, operating systems and application programs. The Systems Manager oversees all day-to-day operations and maintenance of the computer and telecommunication systems and equipment, including the management of IT staff who provide support services, software development, and web design to effectively install, operate, troubleshoot and safeguard Local Area Network (LAN) components, which include, but are not limited to, Microsoft Windows network operating systems, various in-house and web-based applications, software and hardware components, telephone systems, and mobile devices. The SM is also the primary implementer of computer systems policies regarding information systems security and computer systems usage and recommends procurement of IT equipment and software. The Job holder is expected to perform work-related travel in support of Somali and the localization initiatives of the Agency. The SM may be asked to work after hours during urgent or emergency IT infrastructure and network issues.


Statement of Duties to be Performed
IT System Management for USAID/KEA and Somalia (50%)

  • USAID Mission operations are supported by an IT infrastructure of systems whose security, integrity, confidentiality, and availability are dependent upon support functions by Mission IT, Bureau for Management, Office of the Chief Information Officer (M/CIO) and other service providers. The SM is responsible for the accountability, operation, and maintenance of all Mission IT equipment/supplies totaling well over $2,000,000; maintains the backend processes; plans future technology projects; and in coordination with M/CIO, maintains a seamless infrastructure that supports the attainment of Mission strategic objectives. Specific functions and tasks performed under system administration are, but not limited to: server support; desktop support; mobile device support; virtual desktop interface support; overseeing IT Business Process Development as well as providing backup support when needed; and troubleshooting and service desk application support. Serves as Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) for IT related service Contracts when needed.
  • The SM provides specialized technical guidance and mentoring to the IT team to ensure successful troubleshooting when providing end user support on all hardware and software platforms; network connectivity problems; performing systems administration functions on all platforms supported (Cisco, Windows Operating Systems, Google Suite/Cloud). These functions include adding, deleting, and modifying user profiles, managing passwords and controlling access rights to directories and files; monitoring network capacity and performance; managing system configuration; installing and upgrading hardware/software; performing/ensuring information system backups to Amazon Web Services (amazon cloud storage) and file restoration procedures; inventorying all software and hardware equipment; prepares reports to AID/W Office of Information Resources Management (IRM) and Mission Management as requested/required. Provides first-hand hardware maintenance support for all IT equipment and peripherals by performing diagnostics to determine faulty components and replace defective components if they cannot be repaired by the IT staff.
  • Facilitates the above tasks where possible by designing and implementing programs/scripts to automate systems administrative functions across all platforms. Another systems support emphasis area is the support for USAID Developed Applications and Financial Management Systems where the position works closely with the designated Application Coordinators or other staff within the respective user offices to assist in the implementation and operation of the various USAID-developed IT applications (WebTA, Phoenix, E2, GLAAS, GHSMA, AIDConnect, etc.).
  • Provides technical support/supervision and management of all aspects of the Mission Agency Secure Image and Storage Tracking (ASIST) and systems, which involves creating new users, disabling users, granting user access to ASIST folders and Cabinets performs any ASIST administration tasks as requested by the Controller / Contracting Office.
  • Maintains constant liaison with IRM in AID/W and Dept. of State relative to developments in Agency automation strategy and their potential impact on the Mission's automation program. Coordinates Mission information resources management requirements and initiatives with IRM, FM, EXO and other pertinent offices.

Information and Communication Systems Strategic and Change Management (20%)

  • Provides technical guidance to the IT team to successfully develop new configurations to accommodate changes in the network due to Mission staff sizing changes, physical office moves, or other changes in the business/operating environment. This work is done in conjunction with CIO staff, using standard AID-wide hardware/software/network configurations and involves designing the layout of networking equipment and wiring to support LAN connections. The SM may be required to interface with vendors when the mission procures new hardware/software, and to deal with shipping, warranty, and maintenance issues.
  • Responsible for the Change Management process to plan for, implement, and document major changes to the IT infrastructure/network. A Change Management process should be in place to cover technical work that could have a serious impact on the network (i.e., addition of new servers, upgrades to the operating systems, etc.) in terms of availability of services or performance. This process ensures that the end users and Mission management are aware of technical work to be done ahead of time and that adequate resources to perform the work are available. A change management plan should also outline the expected results and include a detailed "back-up plan" in the event the work fails. Participates in and advises Mission working groups that aim to improve business processes and adaptability/learning.
  • Maintains system documentation defining overall network structure and connectivity; prepare reports documenting the process for resolving specific problems. Prepares reports to client management, as requested, on the status of the computer network weekly, monthly, or quarterly as required; prepares Information Technology budget for USAID/Kenya and East Africa (KEA) & Somalia Mission in conjunction with the Supervisory Executive Officer and the Controller. Formulates and establishes policies for IT equipment and servicer use and maintenance in accordance with Agency guidelines.

Information System Security (15%)

  • Manages and ensures adequate network security by coordinating with the Agency Information System Security Officer (ISSO) Mission ISSO and IRM LAN Security Operations Team. This involves resolving system vulnerabilities which are scanned and reported weekly or on-demand by the Agency ISSO Scanning portal (Nessus). Implementing password change procedures, tracking and managing user accounts, researching virus issues, and more. Provides technical guidance and mentoring to the mission users to ensure users adhere to mission Information Systems Security Awareness and Code of Conduct.

Supervision (15%)

  • Supervises the Information Technology team and provides appropriate orientation to USAID-structured on-the-job training, familiarity with system configuration practices and policies and establishing work procedures and processes that support the Agency and Mission standards, procedures and strategic directives. Actively participates in the monitoring of work performance of employees to ensure employees have the appropriate training on current CIO IT policies and industry-best practices and other resources to perform their jobs and to both respond to and resolve employee relations issues expressed by team members. Mentors and develops staff in their work providing appropriate coaching, counseling, direction and resolution, writing and administering performance reviews for skill improvement and recommending relevant training to correct or enhance performance of individual team members. Promptly addresses disciplinary and/or performance problems according to organizational policy. Develops a monitoring system for IT work and oversees the time and equitable distribution of responsibilities to IT professionals. Ensures sufficient coverage of IT staff during leave or out for training opportunities. Periodic Temporary Duty travel (TDY) to Somalia and localization partner projects may be required to provide support and assessments.


Minimum of Bachelor degree in Computer or Electronic Engineering, Network\Information Systems Management, Computer Science, or a field relevant is required. At least one vendor certification, such as Microsoft Systems Certified Engineer (MCSE), Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), Hewlett-Packard Accredited Installation Specialist (HP AIS), etc., is required.

Language Proficiency

Level IV (Fluent) of English-language speaking/reading capability and Kiswahili is required.

More Details on Experience

Prior Work Experience

A minimum of seven years of progressively responsible relevant work experience in computer operations, development and programming, utilization of systems, and IT management of a technical or administrative nature, is required.

More Details on Skills

Supervision Received

General guidance, advice, and direction is received from the Supervisory Executive Officer (or designee) who provides general direction and guidance; however, the incumbent largely performs work independently. Work is reviewed on a periodic basis.

Supervision Exercised

The incumbent directly supervises three Foreign Service National (FSN) FSN-11 Computer Management Specialist staff.

Physical Demands

The work requested does not involve undue physical demands.

Terms And Conditions


The Government may award a contract without discussions with offerors in accordance with FAR 52.215-1. The CO reserves the right at any point in the evaluation process to establish a competitive range of offerors with whom negotiations will be conducted pursuant to FAR 15.306(c). In accordance with FAR 52.215-1, if the CO determines that the number of offers that would otherwise be in the competitive range exceeds the number at which an efficient competition can be conducted, the CO may limit the number of offerors in the competitive range to the greatest number that will permit an efficient competition among the most highly rated offers. The FAR provisions referenced above are available at

Job Knowledge (60 points)

Comprehensive and specialized knowledge of latest information technology industry concepts and practices; computer hardware, computer systems operations and their application, and the policies and procedures relative to equipment requirements planning, acquisition, funding, and justification. Extensive knowledge of the principles, techniques, and methodologies involving computer system analysis, programming, operations, and related aspects of telecommunications. This includes strong knowledge of LAN administration, wide area network (WAN) connectivity; with servers running Windows and CISCO Systems; setting up and configuring hybrid networks, running the above mentioned network operating systems; installing and configuring LAN server hardware and software; establishing security measures and protection; familiarity with a variety of network hardware, including switches, routers, riverbeds; comprehensive knowledge of client/server environments. Knowledge of the principles of personnel, project, financial, and equipment resource management.

Skills and abilities (40 points)

The following skills and abilities are essential for this position:

  • Extensive technical IT skills utilizing systems and equipment, including client/server methodology and analysis; ability to trouble-shoot, diagnose, and resolve hardware and software problems; programming ability in a variety of programming languages;
  • Excellent listening, writing and verbal communication skills;
  • Ability to analyze and synthesize complex data;
  • Strong leadership, interpersonal/teamwork, and customer service skills, including the ability to work collaboratively in a multicultural/multilingual, team-based environment under tight deadlines;
  • Strong learning agility and the ability to effectively adapt to new or changing situations;
  • Strong organizational and time management skills.

Total possible points: 100


Step 1: Register in MyJobsInKenya at 

Step 2: Complete the job application at 

Step 3: Internal Offerors/Current USG Employees: Attach an updated curriculum vitae/resume (no more than five pages), a copy of your most recent Performance Evaluation Report, and copies of all relevant certificates. Scan and attach all the documents and upload them to MyJobsInKenya.


External Offerors/Not Current USG Employees: Attach an updated curriculum vitae/resume (no more than five pages) and copies of all relevant certificates. Scan and attach all the documents and upload them to MyJobsInKenya.

Offerors must provide a list of minimum three (3) professional references who are not family members or relatives, with complete name, title, organization where he/she works, description of relationship, with working/accurate telephone numbers and email addresses. The offeror’s references must be able to provide substantive information about his/her past performance and abilities.

Note to Applicants

  1. Offers must be received by the closing date and time specified in Section I, item 3, and submitted through 
  2. Submissions will only be accepted through Late and incomplete applications (those that do not contain the applicant’s most current and up to date detailed CV and relevant education certificates) will not be considered for the position.
  3. All Applicants must provide at least three professional references, who are not family members or relatives, with working telephone and e-mail contacts. The references must be able to provide substantive information about your past performance and abilities. USAID reserves the right to contact your previous employers for relevant information concerning your performance and may consider such information in its evaluation of the application.


The CO will provide instructions about how to complete and submit any required forms after an offeror is selected for the contract award.


Benefits and allowances are offered in accordance with the Local Compensation Plan (LCP).


The Contractor must observe Kenyan laws including those concerning income and related tax obligations.


USAID regulations and policies governing CCN and TCN PSC awards are available at these sources:

  1. USAID Acquisition Regulation (AIDAR), Appendix J, “Direct USAID Contracts With a Cooperating Country National and with a Third Country National for Personal Services Abroad,” including contract clause “General Provisions,” available at
  2. Contract Cover Page form AID 309-1 available at Pricing by line item is to be determined upon contract award.
  3. Acquisition & Assistance Policy Directives/Contract Information Bulletins (AAPDs/CIBs) for Personal Services Contracts with Individuals available at
  4. Ethical Conduct. By the acceptance of a USAID personal services contract as an individual, the contractor will be acknowledging receipt of the “Standards of Ethical Conduct for Employees of the Executive Branch,” available from the U.S. Office of Government Ethics, in accordance with General Provision 2 and 5 CFR 2635. See
  5. PSC Ombudsman: The PSC Ombudsman serves as a resource for any Personal Services Contractor who has entered into a contract with the United States Agency for International Development and is available to provide clarity on their specific contract with the agency. Please visit our page for additional information:

The PSC Ombudsman may be contacted via: [email protected]

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