List of businesses that you can start with under 20k Hustler Fund in Nairobi

List of businesses that you can start with under 20k Hustler Fund in Nairobi

By Joshua Nyawach

June 11th 2023

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Now that the hustler fund is around and we are fully loaded. What next? Here is a list of profitable businesses that can quickly generate income and get you going.

1. Dropshipping 

Most people presume that dropshipping is dead. I say otherwise. Dropshipping still works and with a great marketing strategy can quickly double your hustler fund into a sizable capital. All you need is to take your time, research and identify a niche, and a reliable supplier, and develop a business plan tailored to the same niche. Identify fast-moving and affordable products which convert at a faster rate. For instance, t-shirts are likely to convert faster and sell more than household gadgets such as TVs and fridges. Besides, products such as kitchen wares, t-shirts, and stationeries are affordable and do not require a high initial investment. 

The most significant advantage of dropshipping is that there are minimal risks since you do not keep an inventory. Whenever you get orders, you must pick the products from your supplier and deliver them to your customers.


2. Selling street food 

Selling street food such as boiled eggs, samosa, boiled maize cobs, and mahindi choma. Surprisingly, these types of businesses can be started with under KES 1000 and therefore very ideal for someone with less capital. The dense population in Nairobi offers a great opportunity for street food. Street food can earn up to 100% gross profit, especially in more crowded areas and stopovers. 


3. Offering cleaning services

The demand for cleaning services is so high within Nairobi. It is even better that you can offer specialized services such as carpet cleaning, home cleaning, and laundry. With under 20k, it is possible to purchase the required tools and detergents to get you started. The secret to succeeding in cleaning services is going the extra mile to befriend and keep a list of loyal clients. Doing a great job will also land you more referrals. 


4. Selling fruits and vegetables

Selling fruits and vegetables is a great business to start within the residential zone with less than 20k. Make sure you are positioned at the residential entrance and offer additional services such as cutting. Most of your customers will be exhausted in the evening and would not prefer waiting. It is therefore a great idea to always share your contacts so that they can book in advance. This will also help you stay organized and serve each of them efficiently.


5. Running a daycare services

With more women/mothers joining the workforce. Daycare services are on the rise through the unforeseeable future. However, this type of business requires a location with particular attention to hygiene and experience in handling children. Looking at it positively, you will be spending the whole day with children and that is a wonderful day. 


6. Selling second-hand clothes/ mitumba

Many youths have resorted to this type of business. With under 20k, you can get second clothes at wholesale price from Gikomba Market. The trick is to start small and specialize in fast-moving clothes such as children's and ladies' dresses. Always invest back into your business and grow with time. Suitable locations to display are where most people pass by while the traffic is relatively calm. 


7. Catering and party event planning and decoration Services

There are always opportunities for event planning and outdoor catering services within Nairobi. This type of business may require high investment but it is always a great idea to start small. The best and most quick way to get clients is through referrals. Talk to friends who will talk to their friends. Hang out and share your business card.


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