Best organizations to Work for in Kenya

Best organizations to Work for in Kenya

By Addy Mukhamia

June 11th 2023

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This list considered factors including employee satisfaction, prospects for professional advancement, and the compensation and salaries each company provided. Others include transparent and efficient administration, a just method of rewarding success and giving employees' health and welfare a high priority. Another goal of the list is to honour businesses that are contributing to Kenya's efforts to create great working conditions, as unemployment is one of the country's biggest problems. It is also intended to assist job searchers in making decisions because employee happiness is strongly correlated with an organization's overall success. In Kenya, employees are most content when they can identify with a company's mission, when there is complete openness between them and management, and when they have flexibility in how they carry out their duties. Making sure employees are content and pleased boosts a business's productivity as well as its reputation. Here is a list of the best companies to work for in Kenya.



One of the top businesses in Kenya to work for recently was Safaricom. Safaricom has been rated the best company to work for lately due to its high salaries and compensation. Most Kenyans are interested in knowing the pay of each corporate employee. Most Kenyans are unaware of the salaries of subordinate personnel, even though the CEO of Safaricom earned Ksh10 million as of 2018.  At Safaricom, there are many layers of management. The CEO, assisted by the Chief Financial Officer and 11 directors, serves as the company's executive. Each Director has a line of management based on their area of competence.

Executives in customer care are in the lowest positional category. These are the people who take home between 40,000 and 80,000 Kenyan shillings. The range you should use if asked to describe your pay range during a job interview at Safaricom for a Customer Care Representative is Ksh40,000 to Ksh80,000. If you work at Safaricom as a Graduate Trainee, your salary will range from Ksh 75,000 to Ksh 150,000, depending on how long you attended the college.


East African Breweries

137,397 Shillings per year are the average salary at East African Breweries. 27 East African Breweries employees compiled this data. Accountant, area manager, credit analyst, customer service engineer, digital marketing manager, driver, etc. are just a few of the positions. Based on salaries reported, the gender breakdown at East African Breweries is as follows: male (74%), female (25%), and undetermined (0%).

EABL is one of Kenya's top-paying private institutions. The pay of employees varies depending on their position and level of expertise. The CEO of EABL earns Ksh 7.5 million a month, making him or her the best-earning employee in the company. Interns are the lowest paid, earning Ksh 25,000 per month. The bulk of employees at the company is sales executives, who earn monthly salaries between Ksh 40,000 and Ksh 120,000. The good news is that they frequently receive per diem payments as well. The highest-paid sales representatives can make up to Ksh200,000 every month. With a degree and at least three years of experience, accountants, HR officers, and other officials earn between Ksh180,000 and Ksh250,000 per month.

At EABL, managers get upwards of Ksh300,000 apiece while assistant managers make between Ksh150,000 and Ksh250,000 each month. With a degree and at least three years of experience, accountants, HR officers, and other officials earn between Ksh180,000 and Ksh250,000 per month. Receptionists may expect to make between Ksh 45,000 and Ksh 120,000 each month, depending on their level of expertise. At EABL, drivers are paid at least Ksh 40,000. Over 50% of the drivers make more than Ksh 80,000 each year. Nearly every year, EABL hires graduate trainees, who get a starting salary of Ksh 120,000 after completing a two-year training program. Graduate Trainees are not required to have experience; however, they must have at least an undergraduate degree.

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United Nations

A somewhat challenging issue is the UN Salary scale. Many international organizations (like IOM - UN Migration) have ties to the UN Salary Scale that affect their pay. Every country and even every city (capital or non-capital) has its own unique calculation. UN Salary is determined by: 1) Are you a national or an international employee? 2) Contract types (temporary appointment, fixed-term contract (FTA), and short-term contract) (TA) 3) Contract Level (grade of contract).

The UN provides you with a rewarding compensation plan that includes perks and salaries that are both competitive. The highest-paid national civil service is used to determine the pay scale for employees in the Professional and above categories who are hired globally. Employees in categories that are hired locally are paid in accordance with the best local standards of employment. A post-adjustment that fluctuates depending on the cost of living in the duty station and the US dollar value is added to the base pay.


Kenya Commercial Bank Limited

Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) employees make an average of 96,366 Shillings per year. 92 Kenya Commercial Bank personnel compiled this data (KCB). Accountant, administrator, assistant manager, banker, business analyst, and business development officer are just a few of the responsibilities. Based on filed salaries, the gender breakdown at Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) is as follows: male (63%) female (36%), and undetermined (0%). One of the most well-known banking organizations in the nation is KCB. It is one of the top-performing banks in the nation, with annual turnovers reaching billions of Kenyan shillings, according to revenue records. Lucrative wages are provided to KCB staff. A branch manager makes a minimum of Ksh 200,000 as a base pay each month, according to the reputable salary review website An intern may expect to make at least Ksh 20,000.


Kenya Revenue Authority

At the Kenya Revenue Authority, the average monthly salary for a revenue officer is KES 200,000. The information is based on wages gathered from our customers, this value indicates the median, which is the middle of the range. The base salary is around KES 150,000 per month. The expected monthly increase in wages is KES 50,000. Bonuses, stocks, commissions, profit-sharing, and tips are all possible forms of additional compensation.

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