Are you considering a change of career? Here are 6 things you should know.

Are you considering a change of career? Here are 6 things you should know.

By Joshua Nyawach

June 11th 2023

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There are many reason people are driven to change careers including seeking better pay and benefits, happiness, opportunities for advancement and the feeling of dissatisfaction with their current job. 

A study conducted by indeed indicates that at least 49% of employees have undergone a total career change with 84% thinking about a career change and saying they want more flexibility. 

Making such a huge move in a career can be scary and risky pushing most people into longer faces of planning before making the move. 

Perhaps you are thinking of making a career change but before you do that, they are a few factors you should know and consider before abandoning your current field to pursue a different one. Have these six factors in mind before making a massive transition.


Is it affordable to make this career change?

Finances are a big factor when it comes to making big career moves. One reason why people change careers is to find better pay and benefits. Switching careers may mean taking some time off to learn and acquire skills required for the trade which may negatively affect your finances. A few questions you need to answer include: Will you be making more or less many? Can you afford to go without income while you get on your feet? How will you meet your current financial needs while you make adjustments to fit into the new career?

However, financial obligations should not deter you from making a career change. It doesn’t mean that you need to make money in order to switch careers. If you find yourself perfectly comfortable with the answer to the above questions then you are good to go.


Why do you want to switch careers?

Before considering a transition in a career you should be able to ask yourself why and provide an answer. Evaluate your current careers and identify the main pushers while asking yourself if you could potentially run into similar problems in your new career. Sometimes, this may enable you to discover that a career change is not what you need but with a bit of hard work and motivation, you may find the satisfaction you are looking for in your current career.


Will you need to start over? Are you comfortable with that?

When Shifting careers there is a higher probability that you will not be able to take up your current level of seniority. It is recommended to assess your starting level and how first you can climb the ladder. Imagine dreaming of being a marketer with no skills in marketing. First, you will have to acquire skills in marketing and maybe take up an internship before being fully absorbed into the corporate world. Is it worth it to start over? However, it is possible to plan ahead and make a gradual shift by acquiring the skills and taking a part-time job in the field you wish to shift to before making a massive change.

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Are you able to embrace reality?

Every career brings its own share of joy, rewards, pain and struggles. You should be able to accept that while the grass may be different on the other side, it may not be greener like you think. Looking from the outside, you may be prompted to think some careers are better and people have it all together but this is usually not the case. All careers have their fair share of problems and rewards. The question you should ask yourself is if you are able to embrace reality without being fooled that changing careers will eliminate your worries.


Have you researched and spoken to people working in the industry you are shifting to?

It is critical that you are away of the insider details of the new career path. Speaking to people who are already established in the industry can help get started and acquire a firm grip firster than you think. The more you research your next career, the more accurate your representation will be. You will be able to identify oncoming challenges and how to navigate through them.


Are you willing to invest in yourself?

Fulfilling a career transition may sometimes require you to go back to college and acquire skills needed for the new career. Before then, you have to asses if you will be willing to make the financial investment and set aside time. Besides, it is also important to identify if the investment will be worth it.

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