5 short courses with qualifications to boost your CV rating

5 short courses with qualifications to boost your CV rating

By Joshua Nyawach

June 11th 2023

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Over the last decade, job hunting has become much tougher. with more people joining the labour market, the competition is on the rise and it is getting harder every day to land your dream job. In Kenya for instance, the unemployment rate stands at 2.98% an increase of 0.38% from the previous year.  

Hiring managers have shifted and set their standard higher than it was five or two years ago to require more dynamic, all-around and fluid candidates. Being such a candidate is an added advantage and gives you a better opportunity of getting hired. I will share with you five short courses that can help you be more dynamic and boost your cv rating. The advantage is that these courses can be taken online on your schedule and most of them are free or with a small fee.


1. Digital Marketing Course

Digital marketing helps businesses establish their presence online and connects them to their online customers. It has been on an upward trend, especially in the post-pandemic period. More businesses are digitizing and shifting to an online form of conducting business.  It means that those who possess extra skills in digital marketing stand a better chance of getting hired. The great news is that depending on your commitment it can only take you two days to learn digital marketing and get a certificate. These are the best platforms to learn digital marketing.


2. Customer Service course

Every company dream of achieving excellent customer service. At one point in their daily activities, employees interact with clients and customers making it crucial that they know how to treat customers. Employers are always looking for a candidate who can provide excellent customer service. Available channels to learn customer service in Kenya are:

  • Customer Service Certificate Course by Corporate Staffing. The course runs for 3days between 6:00-8:00 pm and they charge Kshs. 3500. Learners can decide to attend physical or online classes.
  • Other available options include taking a diploma or certificate course in customer service from the college of your choice


3. Leadership and management course

Most job applications recently add leadership and management certification as one of their requirements. Whether you are an entry-level candidate or opting to climb up the rank, your success heavily depends on your ability to be an effective leader. The leadership and management course will improve your ability to supervise and offer leadership services. There are a couple of short programs that you can register for and receive training in leadership and management. 


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4. Search Engine optimization course

There are billions of businesses with online presences all fighting for attention. In the past few years, businesses have invested heavily in improving online visibility. So, imagine yourself as a candidate having an extra skill in Search Engine Optimization on your CV. It means that you have a higher probability of getting hired as compared to other candidates.

It is possible to take a short-term SEO course online through:

5. Software and Technical skills certification. 

Increasing demand in skills search excel, adobe design suite, and google analytics has shifted the recruitment processes to absorb candidates who possess multiple skills. Possessing one or more software skills places you in a better position to get hired fast. In addition, you can provide online services on platforms such as Fiverr based on your skills and earn. There are many available online platforms that you can learn from. Just pick your favourite course and be committed to completing it.  Use platforms such as LinkedIn Learning, Udemy, Tutotrialspoint, edX, Coursera and Skillshare.

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